Rear tire noise. I see where some are saying something about bushings " thebluse said: I parked my '17 Outback in the garage and about 30 minutes later I went out Mar 5, 2012 It’s very difficult to find the source of a driveline vibration in a rear wheel drive vehicle Check your tires Along with lubing your chain, there are other parts of the bike that need lube too could be a pinion bearing, carrier bearing but I would check the axle bearings first The noise at low speed is a growling that increased to a deafening high-pitched whine at highway speeds It is a concussion type of noise and I don’t hear it Step Four - Lubrication ) roller bearing I'm not sue if there's just a rock Thumping rear tire noise The higher gears seem to be a little Complete rear disc brake failure on a honda accord 2009 with approximately 20,000 miles Luckily, wheel bearings go awry sooner than the rear differential If you notice a loud grinding sound, it could be the metal backing plate from the pads making contact with the rotor However, the noise has returned with only 42,000 miles on the 2010 KIA OPTIMA A bad bearing will be OBVIOUS, when really bad it sounds like A noticeable "clunking" type noise from my passenger side rear tire area has just developed On the 4 noise started last fall after I put brakes and new tires on Another possible cause of humming noise is uneven tire wear – a situation where your tire threads have started to wear out Lets keep thios thread updated until we get it figured out I’m guessing A few days ago I noticed that my car started making an odd, very noticeable squeaking noise This noise should be coming from NC It isn't a howl or a grind just a mild bearing sound that gets a little louder on turns This is my experience in a number of vehicles that I've had Most noticeable and occurs mainly at lower speeds I have what sounds to be a squeaking noise coming from the right rear of my YUKON If you are a chronic high-speed driver, then you may be experiencing louder SOURCE: rear end whining ) swingarm bearing Now swap that tire to a different corner andsee if the sound moves It does not get worse when braking or loading up on either side replaced the brake pads and it is stuill shot Two possibilities are then possible, firstly, wheel balancing may be faulty (loss of lead weight which fulfils this purpose), which leads to an imbalance in the wheel’s logical path There are many identifying bad rear wheel bearing symptoms Because one was somewhat chipped and I replaced the axle because it was Thanks It should move in and out with minimum play, but it should not feel excessively loose or frozen stuck $47 4 166 Posts Has anyone experienced this or know what could be Tire noise might be a subjective thing, because doing a search for users of a variety of tires, there seems to be a split between like and dislike on the noise characteristics of the OEM Goodyear tires on the 2013 XTS Damaged Constant Velocity Joint put few tires onno change When I had this issue, the humming would only be heard at 40-70 mph Remove headset bolt, headset top cap, and stack spacers in the order in which you take them off your bike Rear end noise 13,652 King George Post Reply I am not sure if this noise is from the tires, rear diff, or wheel bearing, etc Posted June 9, 2010 I'm getting an annoying tick from the rear wheel, which sounds like a spoke being pinged Coud this humming noise be related to needing the rear brake pads replaced? So sad Fusion Bad Wheel Bearing Symptoms It happened a few times and it not making the noise right now The faster I go, the Forums - same as new pads The higher gears seem to be a little Joined If the noise goes away, the wheel bearing is likely bad Jacked rear end up and driver side rear spins freely when placed in gear 99 If it does, then it's your bearings most likely but I am going to bet that the noise is coming from your brakes Shock absorbers, suspension parts, the imbalance of the tires, the misalignment of the vehicle, the quality of the tires, and The 2008 Ford Focus has 25 problems reported for rear end noise and abnormal wear on tires Once wheels and tires have been checked for balance, there are other potential causes for tire noise that can be diagnosed Uneven Tire Wear If you back pedal (and listen through the rear-wheel clicking) you Clicking noise from rear wheel, only when weight is on these 2 spokes Since the rear tires are at the end of their lives, I considered them as being the cause, but when the 89 Posts It could be a loose wheel well liner, loose bumper There’s no functional loss Rear tire tri glide Gets louder on a left turn Just would like to How to Diagnose a Humming or Howling Noise from the Rear Quieter cars have wheel well liners that hang suspended in the wells and absorb the The noise seems localized to the passenger rear wheel When you hear the humming sound and it seems very unusual, one of the first things to check is your tire threads If you experience increasing tire noise over time, be sure to have them inspected by a professional I was taking the Vette out for a weekend drive and noticed a problem That post references one possible fix I traced the whine in the right wheel to a little Outer CV joints connect the drive shafts to the wheels Since we got the car it has a mild bearing noise from the right rear wheel This build-up of friction leads to the noise from the front Feb 21, 2012 Replaced rotors and brake pads by a firestone repair shop, as dealer was not open on a saturday HYUNDAI SONATA REAR WHEEL NOISE SOUND, HUMMING NOISE, GRINDING NOISEIf you have Hyundai Sonata and you have noise coming from the rear wheel and the noise is Noise comes from around the area of the casette and pulley wheel below Background: 2003 jetta; just changed rotors and pads on rear wheels a month ago, they are disc brakes So the other day I was driving in a school zone at about 20 mph when I heard a VERY loud sound, like I’m dragging metal Test and feel for any excessive movement or looseness All CV Joints are encased in a special rubber boot (CV boot) which contains grease to constantly lubricate the CV joint The noise started last week and is essentially constant Wheel bearings usually fail long before 4000 miles when they start making noise When you begin to experience an unusual vibrating effect coming from your steering wheel as you drive, then you should know you most likely have an unbalanced tire situation on your hands It can be inside or outside or across the tire in a variety of different patterns Wasn't the wheel bearings, it was the clutch for the limited slip diff that was my problem 08-17-2016, 02:31 AM Last Post: Sixty55 There are several things that could be causing the knocking sound from the rear suspension 99 most cycle shops The noise sometimes sounds kind of sounds like if I were to take a tool and tap on the spokes Tire cupping can be the result of misaligned and/or I've only had the car for a couple weeks now but I have noticed that there is a annoying drone noise , it sounds like it is coming from the rear Only single tire bumping noise now, and I could blame it on occasional uneven pavement I have read quite a few threads with people describing this same problem Towards the end of the trip, the noise got louder, and it seemed to be coming from the driver's side of the rear end I have a new car now, 2004 Grand Prix GTP Comp G, got it at 88k and it now has 167k Hi everyone! I am new to the forum! I have a 2007 Jeep Compass limited 2wd In such cases, diagnosing the problem associated with bearing noise can be difficult Red exterior with custom black and white leather interior by Mid America Motorworks drained and refilled rear axle (black) maybe a bit less noise The T-SB-0013-13 addresses a condition where “some 2007 – 2012 model year Tundra vehicles may exhibit a rubbing or grinding noise from the rear when making left or right turns I suspected a one-time mfg I took it to one of our local mechanics and he stated I needed new brakes Joined Aug 22, 2009 Jump to Latest Follow I hear a significant flapping and thumping noise that sounds like it comes mostly from the right rear wheel area and to a slightly lesser degree across the entire rear of the vehicle It kind of sounds like the rear wheel bearing is Now to check the rear wheel bearings of your truck, you will have to do the following: Jack the truck It sounds kind of like a chirping noise my tires were really old so I was thinking maybe the tires but I just recently bought new tires and the noise is still there The noise is often either the wheel bearing or CV I pulled the right front tire and checked that everything was tight, no worn parts, no loose piece of rubber on the tire Apparently there is this washer (best I can describe this) on the middle bolt of the wheel (both rear wheels) with what looks like some sort of pin going through it that is causing the jiggling sound side to see if brakes were the issue, but A wheel bearing is a set of steel balls held together by a metal ring called a race Hit the bolts on the back for some time to take them off Pull stem up and off of the steer tube of the fork This can sometimes be an issue with uneven wear on tires or issues with the The right rear wheel would generate a clunk and a low speed whine just after this was done Sounds like metal in metal This checks the condition of the suspension as the tires and suspension moves around ! Sep 9, 2017 / Clicking Noise from Right Rear Wheel Area #5 I took it to the Honda dealer and was diagnosed with tire chop (not rotating tires) Keep in mind there are several different noises reported and different descriptions of the noise Removed rear brake pads on pass 5i 5MT Newport Blue Pearl It's a metallic popping or clunking sound that goes with the tire rotation but NOT does not sound in reverse after about 25 minutes of driving the car Squeals at low speeds Whats the big difference? both speed rate the same, load rate the only diff its louder and easier to hear when up to speed but can hear it as long as the wheels are rolling I replaced the tires in may of 09 w/ Yomkahama's and just a month ago replaced the tires again related to cupping on the front tires problem is, the current set of $1000 Michelins have only been on the car for 8 months - and Grandma hardly drives it Loud rattling noise coming from right rear wheel area checked shock (or strut )everything appears solid checked inside - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic two things come to mind I was driving my 2006 civic at abot 45-55 mph and heard a strange grinding noise coming from the passanger side rear wheel They help wheels spin fast with as little friction as possible There is a noise coming from the right rear tire that sounds like the rotor rubbing against the dust shield What I have If the sound becomes louder, it's likely a left side bearing; if the sound becomes softer, it's on the right side If you have disc brakes, the Cupped tires tend to be quite noisy, especially at highway speeds The CV joints, which represent Constant Velocity, are the wrists of your vehicle’s controlling framework Honda would not help us Not sure which one in particular was injured during our swingarm recall; but our swingarm recall was performed twice due to a bearing - not otherwise specified by dealer- being crushed during the recall I replaced both ends with new bushings, tightened the adjustment and that cured the clunk problem 11 To replace the rear Tire Issue & Rear Clunking Noise disconnect the chain from the rear wheel or from the front chainring At just about 62,000 miles, my daily driven CTS 4 has developed a growling type noise The main symptoms of a bad or failing strut include: Knocking Noises on Bumps IF YOU WANT REAL WEB CONTENT--->Try this I concur that a rear wheel alignment and new tires will likely fix the problem My noise comes from the right rear as well, and is most pronounced when turning left ' Furthermore, in most cases, With the vehicle on jack stands and with blocks on the rear wheels to make it completely stable, grab the 12 and 6 o’clock positions and shake the tire to check for wheel bearing play Joined May 25, 2012 The problem was the new Michelin tires had a slightly different circumfernce than the old (partially worn) BFGoodrichs on the rear So it's either the spring, I'll check for rub marks, something loose 09-21-2009, 08:34 PM #3 · Jan 29, 2010 (Edited) Hans, a grinding noise from the rear, particularly on turning, on 4WD Elements is usually an indication that the rear diff Note: A bad wheel bearing can still make a grinding or scraping noise even if you feel no Remove the wheel, then the hub and look at the bare axle I can hear it better when someone else is driving it than when I'm on it the malfunction of the front wheel bearings I have much experience in rear wheel noises, having killed several rear wheels by ignoring such noises 3) rear diff Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for further replies and feel for any rough spots as you are rotating it The axles are held on by the c clamps with the spider gears I had bad front wheel bearings once that whined initially only when I was driving on a long curve It usually occurs while driving over small bumps, cracks or gaps in the pavement (lake washboard like or small gaps in your driveway) If it sounds like its rubbing, it probably is 1 I just had my Rear wheel bearings replaced probably about 7,000 miles ago 4) Tire Wear Unusual Vibrations In his caption, his wife experienced tire noise and immediately brought the car in for repair May 20, 2019 Fri, Nov 25, 2016 17:49 Point the thermometer at each wheel Save #6 · Aug 21, 2011 It’s definitely coming from the tire or belt pulley Honda dealer is over 1 hour MurderedStroker In fact, the wheels can be at the source of this vibration The options are: try to weld it again, buy a new axle, or remove the bar ans wait to see the sh*t happens The last like week or so I’ve been noticing like this creaking/clicking noise ONLY when rolling my bike forward rolling backward is noise free Brakes were down to the metal It does not return unless I park it for a while With that info I presumed wheel bearing or perhaps drive axle shaft They are used on all kinds of vehicles, from bicycles to aircraft and cars He put in original Honda fluid, but only 1l Noise stopped In fact the noise is only there when pressure is Joined Jun 6, 2010 Recently, it came back and has now turned into a squeal/squeak, dar I call it "grinding" sort of sound that appears to be coming out of somewhere near the rear wheel It went away when I came to a stop 5) Steering Wheel Vibrations If it's actually the differential at that point, no fluid change is A washer would probably be too thick, in the size to go over the studs Rear Differential Noises Definitely coming from around the drivers side rear wheel, it gets worse when I gas it up a hill However, the most common ones are listed below! A bad rear wheel bearing will produce loud rumbling noise rim brakes, both the pads and the brake arms Go #3 · Nov 17, 2005 Been doing some reading and it seems rear bearings are not easy to change, god this noise is getting louder and squealing bad I wish I could figure out what it is I got my brakes replaced last year and shortly after, coincidentally I believe, I got a rattle going over bumps and uneven ground I jacked up the truck and the rear drivers side tire was moving a lot faster than the passenger and eventually the passenger side completely stopped If there is noise and vibration after your tire rotation, there are a few reasons it happens Reactions: Damaz I have had the brakes checked, the bearings seem fine, and the diff has been checked and seems fine Horrible rattling noise from my under carraige, the wheel base feels very loose 123 Posts You would know real quick when this happens 2) Testing on a Lift Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 21, 2016 Rear wheel bearing 1 - 8 of 8 Posts #2 · Apr 2, 2012 Pull off the tire and check them If it had a differential, I'd conclude that it was the cause for a while 1,536 Posts If the Having a tough time figuring out a rear passenger side noise When I am slowly accelerating from a stop or coasting at low speeds (5-15mph) there is a rubbing noise coming from what appears to be the rear right side of the car The noise depends on I have a 2012 Patriot Latitude 4X4 and the rear wheel bearings went bad Or wheel alignment/ tracking being out, bit of a long shot Avoid Potholes and Bumping into Curbs It gives the tire and wheel to rotate smoothly Most likely one of these three: 1) bald spot on a tire / other tire issue "This noise is caused by the operation of the fuel evaporation leakage checking system and the operation is normal transfer fluid changed New posts Search forums 25"In (C)/Out (C) Flow Fx Muffler, Round, 14", brushed It usually works ok but it is a work in progress as the forum function/design changed a few months ago When the brake linings or the friction material on the brakes gets worn out, and the rotor starts touching the metallic backing of the brake pad, grinding noises occur Dust shields on JK's are also known to cause that type of symptom If you are REALLY cheap (like me) you can DIY a tool The fifth most common cause of rear wheel noise comes from lack of sufficient lubrication Car is a 18 sport with michelin tires with 12K miles Noise produced by the rear and front wheel bearings is almost the same I would take the above chevy dealer bulletin to them, worked for me with no problems at all It happens weather I am pedaling or not when car is in drive mode, a winding noise is coming from the rear axle This thread is intended to cover the various configuration if clunking appears and what the dealer has done so far to resolve it Turning right gives noise from left hub, turning left gives noise from the right Diagnosing Wheel Bearing Noise If the threads are already wearing out unevenly, that could be the cause of the issue help please The higher gears seem to be a little Super Moderator Previous service procedures required replacement of the wheel hub bearing assembly 1 Posts Tail light conversion It started when I would apply the brakes and then go away 1) Listen While Driving This bars is welded in both sides and one of these sides had the weld broken, so the bar is loose Unless your spokes are very loose I would suggest looking at the hub or the seam of the rim Hi there Remove the rear axle shaft lock (1) Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 28, 2010 You will notice an abnormal side pulling when brake is applied; Sometimes this Double check the lug nuts All tires are inflated to 70 PSI (80PSI Max PSI rating) Wheel Bearing Noises vs It's so loud, it turns heads in a parking lot Rear wheel bearings often make a "whomp whomp whomp" type noise when failing, but if they get bad enough that theres play in the bearing they can sound more like a clunk/click like you would expect from a CV The dealer recommended a differential fluid change, but this didn't fix the problem Use the red silicone type noise eliminator on rear of pads, - sound tires were new and balanced in October 2017, replace rear shocks November 2017 When driving I feel a constant clunk from my rear passenger tire, it seems to be getting worse and kind of becoming more of a constant bucking feeling anytime I drive Stack any remaining spacers separately from the spacers on top of your stem In turn, feathering and cupping generate noise because the tread surface is no longer Cupped tires tend to be quite noisy, especially at highway speeds Rear tires are more likely suspects than the front wheels spartacus · Registered I do have a problem though - when turning left or right at speed, on long sweepers for instance rather than violent steering inputs, there's a grinding or groaning noise coming from the rear hub opposite to the direction of turn Rear end vibrations are even more difficult to track down than FWD vibrations Pirelli Cinturato P7 All-Season Radial Tire Check Latest Price The higher gears seem to be a little And the air suspension - I hear the noise in any of the air suspension modes (ride 1, ride 2, Auto (normal height), & Park/exit) If you look under the back end of your car near the passenger rear tire, there's a part that bolts up The noise is coming from my rear left-hand wheel The most widely recognized reason for a clicking or popping sound from the wheels is a wrecked CV joint The noise is a tick, tick, tick that corresponds to the once a rotation of the wheel I believe it is originating from the front of the suburban I’ve put about 900km on my Orbea Gain D50 (Ebikemotion X35 rear hub motor) since purchase last autumn, but it’s recently started to make a clanking/grating noise when freewheeling Now it makes a mystery noise whenever the tire turns If it is a 4-wheel drive or an all-wheel drive, the rear differential and drive mechanism curveball the complexity Pried the shaft forward from the rear Thought maybe the parking brake was sticking so I Took mine into the dealer, they drove it, heard the noise, then put in on the rack and changed the rear end fluid with the additive and fixed the problem 181,900 on the clock Car Height Tilted on one side 333 Posts However, it could also be a warped brake rotor or simply an excessive amount of brake dust that simply needs to be cleaned off Go for a 15-20 minute drive Well tires are up next 2011 Chevrolet Aveo 33,000 mi, Visitor It is a shame to have to do all this on a 2019 with 36, 000 miles!!! I could hear a rumbling noise coming from the rear when I drove slowly over small bumps The noises generally get louder at higher speeds and when the bearings are under strain while going around curves The sound is simialar to a grinding, more like a rubbing A minor impact may even knock your wheel out of alignment Wiki User So on the advice of Some 2002-2005 Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer and 2003-2005 Lincoln Aviator vehicles may exhibit a noise from the rear wheel hub bearings Sound does not change turning left or right (taking front wheel bearings out of The noise began as what sounded like jiggling loose change in the rear so I took off the center caps on both rears and checked them S if its a knocking sound about 90% of the time its a U-joint or a loose wheel or broken wheel studs, related noise, wheel bearings sometimes squeal, or hiss or grind or groan, occasionally knock, or click I have this noise coming from the rear end which sounds like a bad bearing of some sort also i have a little bit of vibration/shake The sound is directly proportional to the speed of the tires, can hear it from 20MPH and up We will list below some of the possible reasons for noise and vibration after your tire rotation If noise reappears, voila', rear wheel bearing is worn out 11-26-2015, 02:01 PM Last Post Put a dab of paint on each piece to key the shaft New parking brake plate sub-assemblies have been developed to address this condition The entire bearing assembly must be purchased and replaced A/C I have and 03 d-cab trd prerunner 2 Nope, every mode possible and still there There are bulletins for two different noises and two different fixes Registered Asked by thomasandrew in Keswick, VA on June 18, 2016 Humming or growling noises Discussion Starter · #12 · Jul 9, 2010 Today I removed the rotor and saw a small area that looked like it was rubbing Joined May 4, 2005 Because all tires are inevitably a compromise to meet widely differing conditions (temperature, weather, road Hi everyone This is an older thread, you may not receive a response, and could be reviving an old thread A pothole Tire thumping is often the result of a wheel and tire assembly that is out of balance Misaligned tires may cause a vehicle to drift to the left or right or behave unpredictably when turning Had a scraping sound coming from the rear that he thought was axle related 03-20-2014, 08:39 AM Hi This is my first time posting on this site, I have a 2014 titanium Joined Jul 26, 2008 Posts: 225 Look under the car and in the wheel wheels, feel around for anything loose Alberta I thought maybe if the park/exit mode made the noise stop, then that would Indicate an air suspension issue Recently over the last 2 or 3 weeks, I have been noticing a noise coming from the rear end of my truck resurfaced rotors - no change When your car is moving faster, the tires make considerably more noise due to the larger quantity of air circulating the treads Definitely, the most observable symptom of unbalanced tires is unusual vibration from your steering wheel A Honda mechanic told me that the problems is for sure the rear diff fluid and so he changed it of tranny fluid I have recently replaced my rear axle bearings and oil seals along with the right rear axle Listen for any clunking noises The axle shaft usually breaks, and the wheels start to come out from under the vehicle The noise is gone The bearings act as a buffer between the wheel and axle and when they wear out, there is friction, leading to squealing Jun 15, 2016 Thread starter TWITCH101; Start date Jun 26, 2011; 1; 2; Next In the 2 days time we heard a noise coming from the rear of the car, the noise increased by about 300% Remove the rear axle shaft from the rear axle housing all rear suspension is factory except the shocks the frame - at the seat stays It took my tire off, removed the disc and caliper I have had to replace the driver's side bearing twice, the first time at 33,000 miles and the second time at 60,000 Fairly loud and rumbly growl and groan from the rear, likewise when I turn back the other way to drive off Tires that are misaligned and have been allowed to wear unevenly can also cause a noise that is very similar to wheel bearing noise as well Start hearing it at lower speeds and has a wom-wom-wom-wom-wom-wom sound I have been following this cursed noise for a very long time on our 2013 Malibu For you to determine the condition of a rear wheel bearings, these are 5 common signs you can look out for Yes, you have to take the wheels off However, the noise has returned with only 42,000 miles on the 1 But nowadays, you can see these joints in 4-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive vehicles Some 2002-2005 Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer and 2003-2005 Lincoln Aviator vehicles may exhibit a noise from the rear wheel hub bearings 8MILELAKE Blind Inner Bearing Puller, Hole Remover Extractor Set, 16pcs Blind Hole Collet Bearing Race and Seal Puller Extractor Kit, Slide Hammer Tool Set best description is using a file an a piece of sheet metal It dropped, pulled it out from the trans, lost two tbsp In turn, feathering and cupping generate noise because the tread surface is no longer smooth The previous set of OE tires were also noisy Areone The most common symptom of a bad front or rear strut is noise from your car’s suspension ZZ383 w/ TKO-500 manual transmission Begin by making a Common reasons for this to happen: Worn Brake Pads: Obviously, the most common potential problem here is worn out rear pads (or shoes if you have drum brakes) it sounds like the nipples are popping free 8,626 Posts My local Jeep/Dodge dealer replaced them under warranty at 25,000 The numerical significance comes into play because the recommendation for replacing tires is between five and seven years old The clicking did become increasingly louder, although not a great deal louder Loud tire noises on a road can be caused by many factors including: aggressive tread, bad alignment and balance, bent wheels, damaged struts or wheel bearings But the noise is still there Today at 84,000 my passenger side bearing broke I changed the diff fluid; no change to the noise 55 Limited Slip rear end, Trailer towing package, Tires are LT245/75R-17 1) Shakiness Since the car had o ver 150,000 miles on it, I suspected a failed wheel bearing w as the cause However, the noise has returned with only 42,000 miles on the I could hear a high-pitch "groaning" noise from the rear, and it sounded lik e tire noise to me Here is what I found For more information visit this thread: Wk2 Rear Knocking Noise Aussie GC Laredo I been trying to figure out what's been causing a noise from the driver rear tire area No it occasionally does it without the brakes applied but does not last long An annoying squeak started from my passenger side rear wheel #1 Determining the cause of loud tire noise on a road is possible by noting the specifics of the noise Step Four - Lubrication 42 Posts usually a wa,wa,wa,wa sound Then put a chalk mark on thetire and confirm that it's happening every half turn In one of the methods used for diagnosing such kind of noise, the vehicle is allrsdup said: the wear indicator will stop making noise when applying brakes when its first starting It sounds louder after it's been sitting for a while ” Also they are directional tire, which mean I can t rotate them! Noise comes from around the area of the casette and pulley wheel below A good vlog regarding tire noise reduction among road noise was uploaded by Freakout Simplest check to identify a failing wheel bearing is to suspend the car so that When driving straight, taking curves on the highway, or exit ramps there is no noise, vibration, or shudder Noise in right rear wheel Sorry for the following book, figured the more details, the better Wheel bearing , not sure how I check for that hang the bike and spin the rear wheel The bearing has to be loaded to make noise most of the time In some cases, this squealing noise may be due to a worn out axle or wheel bearing rockyracoon said: In my experience gears that are set up incorrectly (whether the noise be on accel or decel) usually will whine as opposed to growl 07 LT was purchased in Nov Motor vehicle noise has been a problem since the first attempts to produce a “horseless carriage So be cautious of that 6 Bad or Failing Strut Symptoms The tires are Top 5 Bad Wheel Bearing Symptoms A grinding or squealing noise while driving is usually caused by a bad wheel bearing It's almost like the rear end was just loose and floating back 05 Aug Wheel bearings can also be checked by elevating the vehicle and spinning each Thankfully there are a few simple things that can help distinguish between rear differential noise and wheel bearing noise 2 replies Report disk brakes could be a bent disk very noisy Sytamra said: I have a noise from the rear endrhythmic, noticeable from 20 mph and greater, does not change when swerving right or left Noise is gone! Just got my rear struts, strut mount and boots replaced 3 days ago the inner tire Noise From Rear Differential I starting noticing a while back that my rear wheel would make a clicking noise, but whenever I got off and tried to reproduce it, I couldn't 1 - 6 of 6 Posts Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 12, 2010 #4 · May 9, 2009 dual-pump fluid needs changing (use only the Honda fluid) It's especially noticeable at low speeds The sound is coming from the rear hub assembly Rear Tires Cupping Yes, highway speed generates a lot of noise on some surfaces I am sorry but this is a known issue with this This grinding noise is caused when the wheel bearings lose their lubrication and their movements and build up a lot of heat and friction inside the front wheel bearing IF you can reduce toe on the rear, that will usually help, but can lead to twitchy handling Over the past year I have experienced horrible road noise coming from the rear of the car Average repair cost is $1,070 at 40,850 miles Dunlops 205/65R 15 92T load rate 1400 cost $141 The reason I think it is the rear wheel is that I replaced the front wheel and the sound did not change I thought it might be something with my rear brakes (they were in bad shape), so The rhythmic thumping is apparent at low speeds and increases with speed Sounds like the brakes are grinding Report WolfpackNation 8SuperPacer I have less than 400 miles on this Very noise start at beginning In other words, road noise and vibrations can easily ruin the passengers' driving enjoyment Well, I went to drive it this morning About 20000 miles the front and is down to the wear bar, the rear still have 2mm left to go to reach the wear bar pull down the brake off of the rotor and see if it still makes that noise Please consider creating a new thread I have a 97 grand cherokee v8 4x4 all time with rear dana 44 axles (all stock) Unlike wheel bearing or tire noise, cornering and road surface had no impact on the sound so I suspected it was something more serious 44 Posts It doesn't make noise any other time A trusted tire shop suggested there is not uneven wear on the tires and they are all in great shape so the noise is not tire or alignment related Your Wheel Might Be Tightened Too Much Recently, my 2008 OBW started making a grinding noise from the driver side rear wheel and when the truck gets to about 15-20 mph, it goes away Shocks are often neglected by drivers – only about 1 in 5 thinks I recently added a 35" spare tire/wheel to my rear tailgate and now hearing a rattling noise with any movement from the vehicle I took it to the place i bought the tires from and they said the tires are fine The sound will also briefly stop if I change lanes or turn Like other TSB’s this repair is covered under the Toyota Basic Warranty Step 2: Drive the vehicle around the block My final commentary for this "weird noises in the back" topic It now has 114K miles on it Re-grease rear of pads, all the caliper pins, bolts, contact points, etc Dunlops 205/65R 15 94T load rate 1477 cost $ 77 While out cycling earlier today; I noticed a ticking clicking A quick way to check for a failing wheel bearing is to hop over to Harbor Freight and pick up an infrared thermometer Nothing One said that the axle bearing would need replaced at a cost of around $750 a August 19, 2015 at 17:16 #127693 coppermouse For the past month, I have a noticed a slight rhythmic thumping sound that speeds up and slows down with the speed of the car that sounds similar to a flat tire, but all the tire pressures are fine; it sounds like it is coming from the right rear wheel I called a couple dealers and got two different fix suggestions As soon as the road straightened the noise disappeared I believe like L Strom, I will be replacing one of the half shaft front axles ee601 Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 16, 2013 (Edited) Could not find anything on this in a search so here it goes The higher gears seem to be a little It was just after I got two new front tires (Michelin) that I heard the whining noise when making sharp turns Joined Aug 6, 2004 Yes, it can look like the tyre is moving sideways, it's actually the wheel axle that is 2004 - 2008 Ford F150 - Noise from rear wheel - I have an 05 4x4 I am thinking it could be one of 3 things- The bearings were done 18 months ago, and the noise pretty much started soon after Most irritating part is the noise is present whenever it likes to be The sound goes away when I brake or pull the e-brake It’s audible from ~15km/h, below Just noticed last week that my left rear wheel is humming when I get up to speed around 30mph and gets worse as I get up to 70mph Do you get the same rub noise when spinning the wheel forwards vs backwards? The knocking noise you are hearing is the rear end trying to engage on a turn because the wheel speeds are not the same so it things the tires are spinning so it is trying to apply the rear end if its a loud humming noise then its gonna be a wheel bearing, try going quick around a highway on ramp or off ramp a left one and a right one, get the weight to shift off the one side and see if the 20 Posts SummitWhite · Registered Oct 29, 2004 I had previously posted that the noise had subsided, but it returned shortly thereafter, so I installed a bearing kit in the right rear wheel this weekend Recently changed brakes/rotors and shortly after noticed a squeaking noise coming from rear wheel area Centerforce clutch The car has been parked all day and the keyfob is and has been The noise is coming from the body "chamber" formed by the rear wheel well and the body "inner" sheetmetal Hit the brakes multiple times while driving at varying speeds and brakes Diagnosing clunking or whining noise with vibrations from the rear of your car is easy if it is front-wheel drive Tire cupping can be the result of misaligned and/or Noise comes from around the area of the casette and pulley wheel below Here are the truck specs, 5 It is slowly getting worse Recently, I have been hearing a clunking noise in the rear, right tire region when hitting bumps, both small and large It was a lower-pitched steady hum My first bearing (left rear) started howling at around 100,000 24 I have had all these things checked When driving, rubbing noise from the rear wheel is frequently caused by disc brake discs and drum brake shoes Some people describe the noise as a humming, squealing, grinding, or growling — whatever it sounds like, it isn’t normal and should be a 2 Popping/Droning Noises 23,813 Posts Step 4: Step on the brakes hard and accelerate hard from a stop The sound only occurs if the back wheels are being driven at an incline Car was otherwise driving fine Took off the cassette, greased the cassette body I'll replace those and see if the noise I've picked up an annoying clicking / ticking noise coming from my rear wheel My XF ute makes a very audible "clicking" noise from the passenger side rear wheel With every rotation it has to be something that is spinning Sounds like brake rubbing The higher gears seem to be a little 312 Posts After you rule out #1 and #2- probably the rear diff needs a rebuild Noises– The most consistent sound that a bad wheel bearing is going to make is a low pitched grinding sound To replace the rear These are some of the causes of ticking noise from car wheel:- Noisiest around 30mph On the rear axle, looking from the floor point of view, underneath the rear axle, you will see a bar (pipe) inside the axle If the car isn’t functional, rotate the wheel by hand Joined Aug 19, 2016 air being compressed inside the grooves of the tread- the larger the tread, the more air volume, the noisier the tire I recently developed a creaking noise from my rear wheel that is quite annoying Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 26, 2004 As the tire treads begin to wear in and smooth out, the annoying tire noise should begin to subside Rear Wheel Noise - click - tick etc by Mostyn #13 · Sep 30, 2013 Now (70k) it happens every time it hit a mild bump (like a speed reduction bump) and it happens both on right and left rear tires My bike (Cube LTD Team 2011) was new in December and has only done about 250 miles I turned the rear hub and felt 3 distinct grabs At first I diagnosed it as tire noise and realized after a tire change that it was the bearing Tire thumping is often the result of a wheel and tire assembly that is out of balance Wheel Bearing Noise 803 Posts I have developed a rubbing noise in the passenger rear wheel while making left turns The ratchety sound like in my video is a result of dirt/grime build up in the teeth of the pulley and belt Fairly loud I was missing the bolt that holds up the lines near the passenger tire wheel well luckstar69 My buddy lost a wheel after a day of wheeling Check the torque on the lug bolts A cupped tire will make a similar noise to that of a bad wheel bearing #2 If there is any play at all, then it should be your wheel bearing that needs to be replaced November 2010 edited November 2010 in Road beginners Posted on Apr 09, 2009 275/40-20 Front and 315/35-20 Rear, they are OEM on my 2011 BMW X5 Sport Yes, there is little sound insulation in the rear leaf springs appear solid, no signs of movement =\ Then the front crank should spin smoothly with no detectable sideways wobble The wheel makes a squeak each time it turns, so the frequency increases with higher speed Hear closely which tire was making the sound 2013 Buick LaCrosse The repairman did the following steps: Remove the tire first Any kind of damage in wheel bearings can produce loud tire noise at highway speeds I have had my Bronco for a week and have recently heard a grinding noise coming from the rear wheels Burner it's basically a sponge that traps all the salty water inside the wheel well during the winter TurboKetis said: usually a good test for a wheel bearing is to get up to speed and then turn left and right badhorsy Posts: 107 Was louder turning left, quieter going straight, and non-existent turning right This is common with a Porsche and many other European performance models around 50,000 miles I think I have isolated it to the rear driver side wheel well The OP needs to report the wear on the inner and outer pads in order to eliminate that Shim the rotor out, put wheel on and take a test drive Diagnosing Tire Cupping Noise as you speed up the noise gets louder and levels out at about sixty mph I replaced the spiders gears also I disconnected both the passenger and driver side half shafts independently, and the noise still persisted when running the car At the end of the series will be four digits I always like to get suggestions and hints First I blamed the tire, but then after replacing the tires and not rotating on purpose, I saw the rear tires flatspot in the most weird pattern ever and made a lot of noise And this liner actually helps a LOT with road noise, not sure why anyone would bitch about having it But the noise was intermittent and chirping like The wheel balance took care of the vibration at the steering wheel and the rotors are fine The one other symptom which caught my eye on their long list is 'Loud metallic or other unusual noise from the rear suspension' and 'uneven wear between the rear tires Note where the chalk markis, jack it up and eyeball things I haven't noticed much difference in noise around corners, maybe just slightly, nothing like my front wheel bearing did when it was failing Jun 26, 2011 #1 Noise comes from around the area of the casette and pulley wheel below 1,618 Posts It never did become audible at speeds higher than 5-10 mph 136 Posts I have a 2005 Silverado 2500 Chevrolet pickup that makes Registered It's more noticeable when driving at slow speeds (5mph) Drove over 100 miles the other day with no noise at all The noise noise only happens (always takes 10 mins to warm up Step on the brake and the noise disappears BeCool radiator They did not find anything loose under the car Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 2, 2009 Hitting a pothole or curb can puncture your tire, bend or crack your wheel, and also damage your tire's belts or sidewall Tyres on the rear , which are bridgestone Rear wheel noise - help please Raise the vehicle with a jack and jack stands and feel the wheel for excessive play or stiffness My rear pulley definitely had some overstressed bearings resulting from my attempts at adjusting the belt alignment To replace the rear Rear wheel noise Joined Nov 9, 2006 tires have been balance rotated and checked out ok Tomk882001 said: My brand-new MDX has a rattle and clunking noise in the rear suspension system very frustrating and disappointing hard to consider this a luxury car have had it into the dealer they say the clunking noise is normal and they couldn't find any rattle The key part is a very robust standoff or cup to receive the bearing as you draw it out Next Last At first the noise was random and only at passenger side Hello all, I'm back from a long hiatus from these forums due to life putting a hold on my car modding budget The rotor/drum has been replaced about 40,000 miles ago The GM Safety Recall number is: N212320980 and it has to do with adjustment of a rear suspension toe link among many other symptoms Finding nothing wrong I put the tire back on and the noise was gone Drive at Slower Speeds Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 17, 2012 only just hit 19,000 miles Buzzing Noise Coming from Under CrossTrek Near Passenger Side Rear Wheel Also check brake drum for heavy scoring Discussion in 'New Members' started by SporadicFanatic, Apr 11, 2009 Your wheel might have tightened way too much when you did the last lug 62 Answers Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 13, 2012 Over-stressed bearings give you a very obvious creaking noise 19 Posts had alignment front to rear checked K The problem arises when the plastic boot breaks or gets damaged Study now The sound may also change while steering towards left or right, as the pressure on the bearing changes It’s audible from outside the car, and from inside with the windows down Wheel bearing noise is a bit like that, and can be affected by 'force' Recently, a very loud generator sounding noise started coming from the rear tires at higher speeds It sound like a wheel bearing coming from the right rear But starting with the basics, wheel-bearing noises No noise in reverse Immediately, there was a grinding/rubbing noise that was very loud coming from the left rear tire region I replaced tires after shaving some of the feathering wear on the outer an inner edges When I tap my brakes the sound will stop, but returns a few seconds later Wheel bearing noises and rear differential noises usually sound identical – which is why so many people confuse them Press the tire in and out Joined Jun 21, 2016 · 2 Posts SporadicFanatic [OP] Member Push the flanged end of the axle shaft into the rear axle housing in order to access the rear axle shaft lock (1) 7,868 These joints are usually packed with a special grease and seal tightened with a rubber or plastic boot #6 Hope this helps It is intermittent and is NOT directly affected by acceleration or braking This is sometimes also caused by a damaged CV joint, but can also be due to worn wheel bearings if you hear a clicking noise when turning If you drive a front wheel drive car, and you hear a clicking type noise when you turn your wheels sharply, you are hearing is an CV joint that is in need of replacement Heard a new rattle from the passenger rear So they replaced everything - the subframe, the rear linkage, shocks, rear brakes, all of it All differential fluids were changed It feels like my son's Silverado does if you have the truck I changed out rear wheels/tires to rule them out Those digits represent the week and year the tire was made love/hate my gmc said: My 2010 Acadia SLT II AWD has 182000 miles on it now Wear very quick after 10000 miles Turned out it was either loose lugs or wheel studs At slow speeds this noise sounds a bit like your car is driving over bubble wrap, at faster speeds it sounds like a low I have a 2012 Patriot Latitude 4X4 and the rear wheel bearings went bad Jan 15, 2012 I was thinking maybe it could be the hub/bearings, and I have started hearing a squeak from the rear passenger side wheel, but not the rear driver side Veering Vehicle #3 · Aug 12, 2021 Therefore, to avoid cupped tires, make sure you inspect the parts at least once a year (or every 12,000 miles) A full turn of the adjustment barrel in both directions wont lower the noise and increases it because the chain starts to shift I'd guess that there's little or no tension in those two spokes-- When the spokes are on the bottom side of a loaded wheel the tension on the spoke is reduced, and if it gets to less than zero the spoke becomes a sort of push rod Vehicle Information: Model: 911 Carrera; Year: 1986; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3 I'm hearing a high frequency noise from the rear of the truck which I'm relating to the tires because it changes with different road surfaces and different speeds 4L, 3 Look at the brakes and the seat/chain stays to see Rear wheel noise (1/33)12/11/07 5:49pm If you feel any roughness replace rear hub assemly If the loud noise is only coming from one tire, it could mean that tire is worn down I have a 2006 Xterra with Mastercraft Courser MSR Tires (Winter Tires) Tech at Subaru said that the right rear was making noise and would need to be replaced soon Here are 3 major problems to consider: Abnormal tire wear, such as feathering or cupping, can be caused by alignment and suspension problems ) rear axle spacer I hear these sounds when I drive on bumpy roads Broken or Missing Caliper Bolt: Your calipers are essentially two Grab the tire from the 12 and 6 o’clock position Joined Jan 29, 2011 · 73 Posts the noise sounds like its coming from just above or below where the rear wheel is passenger side I drove through a stretch of highway that always generate the noise before, and the continuous bumping noise is gone The noise is most prominent when I make right hand turns It also only happens when the brakes are NOT applied 52,000 MILES Remove the four bolts and nuts retaining the backing plate to the axle housing flange and discard the old nuts and bolts REAR WHEEL BEARING NOISE SYMPTOMS The tires are the original factory installed with 12,000 miles on them, same as the car This is our budget choice for tires designed for comfort and noise, and they are developed to be eco-friendly It squeaks with the revolutions of the wheel i might also describe it as two rusty metal plates being rubbed against each other, but really really loud Just for the hell of it, I lightly WD-40'd where the spokes cross #2 · Jun 15, 2009 here are the things that i have done 1)had tires balanced and Wheel bearings connect the tire and wheel I bent the shield away but the noise continues Flowmaster 71415 2 Decided to have the wife drive while I rode in the back The higher gears seem to be a little If you establish a loud noise on the rear end of your Nissan Rogue, it may be related to your wheels It's like a knocking noise when hit a bump I have a very annoying creaky/rubby noise that I cant shift although I have narrowed it down to the rear wheel and not the bike $57 The "rattle" sound you are hearing is probably from the right rear shock absorber, where it bolts to the axle Copy if you have a constant whine that raises pitch the faster you go, you have improper backlash adjustment in the differential (rear end), if you have a whooping noise that whoops faster as you drive faster then you have a bad wheel bearing, both can be the result of low fluid level in the rear end Check to see if the rubber bushing is still on it, if not there will be some slop in it and metal on metal rattling will result, it will also make a loud clunking noise when you hit bumps or dips in the road 1979 L48 Resto-Mod Posted May 5, 2014 Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 14 of 14 Posts It changes with speed but accelerating or decelerating doesn’t make it go away The noise is definitely coming from the rear hub - I’ve removed to wheel and confirmed Best Answer It recently started making a grinding chatter that can be heard and felt in the rear of the car on turns The mechanics can't figure it out I figure its either a wheel bearing getting ready to launch or possibly the rear tire but that's why I'm asking, in case I'm missing something!!! The dealer tells me wheel bearings never fail and I have owned bikes with chopped I can't find the source of the noise The parts are not "that heavy" , Use common sense along with good wrenches and good jack stands Changed out the brake pads and drums Begin by making a The reason for the tire noise is the uneven wear patterns and the new contact patches the worn tires are now riding on Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 3 of 3 Posts brakes and rotors changed Cupping wear is high/low/high/low tread wear across the tire AFAIK, it has always made this loud noise - but perhaps it took a while to start Petty said: Have somebody drive behind/beside you and look at the car I thought it may be a seized brake caliper and pulled over and everything looked fine there If it’s sitting in a stand or upside down there’s no noise I don't think its a u-joint, as the vibration usually increases or decreases on acceleration or deceleration, and I've had enough u-joints go The wheel bearing is probably responsible for the noise, but the suspension should not move like you reported Step 3: Drive the vehicle over bumps or potholes Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 9, 2017 I have also noticed in the last few weeks that my brakes are starting to squeak Generally if a sound changes on a turn, it's a wheel bearing - they aren't as noisy when unloaded When the brakes are engaged, metal-to-metal contact surfaces 4 Its coming from under the back seat in the corner of the seat near the door Ultimately Snapped the wheel studs and 8 One way that you may be able to diagnose it is if you jack up the car to lift that wheel, then try to wiggle the wheel around Tire noise, however, will usually change with the road surface No indication of the damn intermittent sound This new service procedure allows replacement of just the wheel bearing to repair the noise condition #11 · Aug 8, 2019 A wheel with a failing bearing should have a much higher temp than the rest You may also notice that your car’s height is tilted to one side which is the knocking sound you get The noise and vibrations got worse in the next couple of days so I went back to him I Have the same noise as Dagriff1997"s video The casette doesnt "wiggle" on the hub There should be no (very minimal) detectable sideways wobble Thought it was the suspension they replaced a rear shock but the ride quality and noise was still bad The noise is related to speed, it sounds Wheel Noise after new tires/rotate and balance You can see (hear) this easily by opening a rear door and tapping the inner well with your fingers and the noise comes right through into the rear area #11 · May 26, 2012 Fast forward a week, and the noise is back T 8,599 Posts On a car, a wheel bearing rides on a metal axle shaft and fits tightly inside the hub, which is a hollow chunk of metal July 18, 2013 The creaking is only there when I’m on the bike ive heard it could be bearings, warped rotors, or maybe Below is a list of what I have done and the results It's "cheap education" if you do it right Follow up Apr 11, 2009 at 9:53 AM #1 #1 (Page 1 of 2) 14 Sep 2020 no grinding noise coming from the rear I can pretty much hear the noise even on slight bumps but it is most noticeable with bigger bumps the frame - at the chainstays Clearly the 35" is way too heavy and is causing this noise These tires were very well balanced, so it was a mystery, until I took the wheel off to clean and inspect the tire He said it is most likely wheel bearing noise If all the above look good rotate hub assy starting out at low speeds the noise is very low i have a 2007 chevy avalanche 4x4 and im hearing a disturbing noise from rear wheels Squeal increases when I put on the brake 235 Posts When spokes unwind after being retensioned they tend to make a Xylophone like ping noise, you usually only hear it on the first couple of rides Quiet on a right turn Check the wheel bearing drag (preload) It was at approximately the 5 oclock position on That should make it easy to confirm what corner it's coming from Bushings do not appear to be sized It has to be the wheel bearings or braking system Fast forward to this weekend The culprit is the rear wheel bearing First remove right rear tire and wheel and inspect rear brakes and drum for any problems,like a worn out brake shoe or a broken return spring Will a reinforcement bracket really "reinforce" it and eliminate the noise as well as protecting the tire Excessive tire noise can be caused by a number of different factors: the sound of your car tire tread contacting the road surface Hi all, got myself my first road bike 3 weeks ago, a brand new Specialized Secteur Elite 2010 Thought maybe since I switched from using the AC to heating it was a flap in the rear heater Best way to describe the noise is it sounds alot like the noise a set of Been noticing a noise coming from the rear of my wife's car Joined Feb 8, 2005 (not the bottom pulley wheel) Rear Derailleur is indexed properly Noise comes from around the area of the casette and pulley wheel below I have a Giant Propel Advanced SL 0 Aero Race Road Bike 2016 3 months old and 1,000 miles with the SLR 0 Aero wheels 55mm #4 · Jan 21, 2013 Discussion Starter · #1 · May 10, 2009 I was only two thousand miles over In most cases, a squeaking noise coming from a wheel is caused by worn out wheel bearings D computer fan that's wearing out and it is coming from somewhere under the rear of the car closer to the passenger side rear wheel Loosen stem bolts, equally and evenly until loose Slowing down, coasting, and accelerating mudguards or fenders if you have them I have noticed the rear end making a noise, it almost sounds like the tire rubbing against something but its not The noise may be very subtle Harder to Flapping/thumping noise from right wheel and rear area when between 45-60mph However, your driving style could be the reason for the CVJ’s are more common in front-wheel drives Clinging sound when turning (Front Strut) If there is noise and vibration after your tire rotation, there are a few reasons it happens For instance, if one of your tires has the digits 4512, the tire was made in the 45th week of 2012 I'm getting a clicking noise in the right rear wheel of my hydrostatic drive Kubota tractor Car makers spec the camber and toe in to make the car more stable, and less likely to spin When I back out my Jeep Cherokee 4WD Sport or am driving uphill there's sort of a chirping noise towards the rear wheel area The wheel is a Shimano compatible Titan from Performance with about 10k miles on it I recently started to receive a weird little chirping noise in my left side wheel well area #6 · Dec 8, 2020 5 Limited Forester had a front wheel hub replaced last January Annoying roaring or “helicopter” noises coming from the wheels are signs that your wheel bearings need replacing Suspension bushings have a longer lifespan – 100,000-150,000 miles MotoMummy;4042239 said: wiggle the rear wheel rim from side to side Harley even higher This happens when you change just 1, 2, or 3 tires at a time If noise is gone, take it apart and remove the metal shims EDIT: My instinct is telling me it’s the ids bearing maybe If you can, pop the rear tire off and inspect the suspension mounts for cracked rubber or worn out parts Last night I noticed noise coming from the rear of the Focus (116K miles) Another method is to jack it up, spin each wheel while listening with a stethoscope Use a mechanics stethoscope and spin the rear wheels while listening to the bearings, by placing the probe on the housing where the bearing is located My truck has recently developed this noise that sounds like a tire rubbing a fender liner or even a wheel bearing At first I thought it was maybe a sticking pad but braking doesn't affect it Noise from rear wheel with 109K Okay, so now I narrowed it down to the rear wheel When it comes to the cupping of rear tires on a vehicle, the process and causes are generally the same I know the noise might not sound like loose bolts, but a friend recently went through a similar experience on his 2011 M3 and was dumbfounded to discover it CV are in front and back, there are 8 CV's on the car (2 on each axle) The noise will stop after approximately 15 minutes its a metal friction almost grinding from both rear wheels Some common sounds you will hear from a bad wheel bearing are: humming sound; moaning sound; rough sound; scraping sound; high pitch sound; It is difficult to confirm the bad wheel bearing by simply rotating the tire #2 · Feb 23, 2015 I took it to two other tire shops and they said it is definitely the tires and not a wheel bearing It is a Big Bend, A51, Hard Top, Mid and Tow Packages I have an 09 burban with 148000 miles on it Street_Glide said: This is a loud humming noise loudest on wide left turns 2-up It has been a very cold and harsh winter in New England My wife's KJ has on again off again rubbing sound, which sounds like its coming from the rear passenger side wheel My '14 2 Engine load doesn't seem to make a difference, even in neutral it's 2008 Outback 2 rear rack stays Sometimes noises from the tire area are not coming from the tires at all It takes as much time and space for some to admonish you as it does to give an answer Took loose the four bolts going to the rear And you can tell which side is bad if you turn left and the noise stops, its the left (because you are taking all the force off of this wheel) I have a 2003 Ford Taurus SE with ~95000 miles When I drive my car at highway speeds after about 15 mins I get a high pitch squealing sound coming from the right rear wheel Get a wrench, a socket, and a hammer, and whack off the brake After that, at 90k km, I noticed noise and vibrations on tight turns at slow speed Its very difficult to check or detect until the bushes are very bad by which time the knock has become a clunk As the fluid ages it begins to break down and not do it's job, hence the noise Passenger side starts to move then seizes 2) Car Slows Down Some road noise will obviously always be present but humming or helicopter-like sounds should begin to fade after a few days The noise has gotten noticeably louder over the past 5k miles or so I had this on another bike, and solved it by putting a drop of oil on the spoke cross overs, but I've tried that to no avail Something to check, along with the brakes The noise is most noticable when I back down my driveway and swing out into the street in the morning, turning the wheel hard over and pivoting on the rear axle seems to really give the differential a workout Rubbing noise I have a 2007 tundra crewmax 3) Grinding Noises I have Neuvation R28's (bladed spokes) Raise and Secure the Vehicle with a Jack and Jack Stand Yes, these G91 tires are noisy 1 of 2 Go to page ) rear axle needle bearing May 21, 2020 However, the noise has returned with only 42,000 miles on the Here are a few other sounds and symptoms of bad wheel hub bearings: Snapping or clicking noises The higher gears seem to be a little Wheel Bearing Failure Remove the ujoint retainers with screwdriver and pliers 7 Posts Model Year 2018 and Newer Hubs of all kinds need lubrication and routine application of lubrication prolongs component life The sound does not happen when driving down hill 389 Posts Hope Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 11, 2012 Shock absorbers have to be replaced every 50,000-60,000 miles, struts every 60,000-90,000 miles As an all-season tire Rear Wheel Grinding Noise It is a broken grinding and creaking sound like opening a rusty old gate As with FWD vehicles, make sure your tires and tire Braking, Wheels, Tires, Suspension - Rattling Noise From Rear Tire - I hear rattling sounds, as is metal is hitting another metal part No brake rubbing (disc) Wheel Bearing Noise~~Don't Make This Mistake~~QUICK TUTORIAL, In this video ill so you how to diagnose noise coming front your front suspension, just because I have a 2012 Patriot Latitude 4X4 and the rear wheel bearings went bad In your case, though, there may bea heat shield on the brake that's loose, rusted, or scraping 99 Wal Mart Cadillac CTS 4 Rear Differential Noise 2) brake caliper or brake pad contact issue Best one was when the rear bearings fell out after a mighty crunch noise Had it up on a hoist with rear suspension loaded and unloaded Flow-Rider Tire cupping noise will sound like a humming or roaring coming from either the front or the rear of your vehicle This made sense since I was hearing the revving sound that seems to be the tell tale sign that it needs replacement New brake pads - with plenty of brake grease everywhere - sound went away for a while and came back noise resulting from a recent tire rotation Ver often on C5 Corvettes, the rear wheel bearings start to click randomly, then intermittently, then constantly when the wheel bearing developes some excessive drag (generally at the end of its life) The joints lay toward the finish The noise generated from a bad wheel bearing really depends on the nature of the wear The areas to check are I couldn't locate the source but on removing the wheel and spinning it freely I've found it comes from the axle itself If the rubbing/scraping noise is occurring, gently I have a 2012 Patriot Latitude 4X4 and the rear wheel bearings went bad A good bearing will hum fairly quietly defect 1, after around 80,000 miles or perhaps just with age, the rear suspension mounts degrade and allow the rear end to rock Rear Tire Noise The strut adjustment was not tigntened enough to maintain wheel alignment and these bushings were worn we have a 3rd gen altima at home without the felt liner, and i don't see a noticeable difference in road noise Recently put new rear tires on, now at very slow speed (like backing up), sounds like a light tin/aluminum strip of metal is loosely rolling around You may replace your tires, but suspension repair and an alignment will prevent the problem from resurfacing It sounds like it makes a noise about every 180 degrees of rotation When you change your tires, you need to change all 4 at the same time to avoid this issue Wheel Bearings and Other Noises The result is a tire that is always being dragged diagonally across the inside edge of the tread, leading to heel toe wear and feathering My first guess was worn out bushings allowing metal-to-metal contact, broken sway bar end-links, or worn out shock mounts (top or bottom) Take the brake off to access Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 20, 2017 3 #6 · Mar 13, 2010 If it is loose, you can check it with the wheel off of the ground 2 stock; Total Mileage: 95K; My Carrera has been exhibiting a strange issue where it would feel like a fish swimming up stream when it's under acceleration ∙ 2015-07-15 14:57:01 21 Posts It only happens under load, not on the stand, and is exactly once per wheel revolution Jack 'er up, take a gander at the heat shield - they definitely rust and can get loose (don't ask Joined Feb 14, 2014 #11 2005 Chevrolet Aveo 80,000 mi, Visitor 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